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San Antonio Truck Driver Fatigue

Approximately one in four multiple vehicle auto accidents resulting in a fatality involve a large truck, including semi-trucks or 18 wheelers. Every year commercial truck accidents kill over 5,000 people and harm about 150,000 on the highways nationally. Driver fatigue and drowsiness result in numerous accidents.

Usually, violations of failure to stay in the proper lane and running off the road are common occurrences involving 18-wheeler driver fatigue. A qualified San Antonio injury lawyer experienced in handling 18-wheeler cases will research a truck driver’s consecutive on-duty hours before the accident to see if driver fatigue is the likely cause.

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Fatigue & Truck Driver Regulations

Truck drivers are required by federal law not to exceed a specified number of consecutive on-duty hours in a 24-hour period in order to qualify for a new work cycle. Unfortunately, trucking companies often put profit over safety and push their drivers past the boundaries. Staying on the road longer than safely allowed is a flagrant violation of the law and puts lives at risk. When a truck driver is pushed by his / her trucking company to meet deadlines truck drivers often resort to driving longer than legally allowed. The trucking company is held responsible for these types of violations. If you have been injured, contact a qualified San Antonio 18 wheeler accident attorney immediately.

Things you should know about truck driver fatigue in San Antonio:

  • In 1999, large trucks accounted for 13% of all passenger vehicle deaths but only 3% of registered vehicles.
  • The risk of an accident doubles from the 8th to the 10th hour of driving.
  • 28% of drivers surveyed by FHWSA in 1999 admitted to sleeping at the wheel in the prior month.
  • Nearly 75% of 1,200+ polled truck drivers had violated hours of service regulations.

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Driver fatigue is extremely dangerous and is often the cause of catastrophic 18 wheeler accidents. If you or someone you know has been in an accident with a commercial truck in San Antonio, contact an experienced truck accident lawyer. The San Antonio car accident lawyers Aguirre Law Firm, PLLC will investigate the cause of the 18 wheeler accident despite the stated police report. We can diligently expose whether the driver took rest periods in accordance with the law.

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