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San Antonio Improperly Loaded Trucks

The San Antonio accident lawyers at The Aguirre Law Firm, PLLC helps injured people and their families recover money damages for all types of injuries arising from all types of motor vehicle accidents, inlcuding 18-wheeler accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck wrecks, and bicycle accidents.

Overloaded Trucks

Overloaded cargo trucks are the number one cause of deadly 18 wheeler accidents in some states. San Antonio truck accident lawyer, Alex Aguirre, is well aware of the problems surrounding trucking companies that lead to fatal auto accidents, prompting the need for a San Antonio wrongful death attorney. Because of excessive shifts in weight, truck accidents can be more severe when improperly loaded or overloaded. It takes much longer to stop an improperly loaded 18-wheeler.

Texas Loading Laws

Federal, state and local regulations restrict the weight of commercial vehicles. Without a permit, the gross weight of the vehicle can not exceed 80,000 pounds. Authorities consider the gross commercial vehicle weight, gross combination weight, axle weight, and tire load. Cargo weight should be accurately balanced to keep from overloading one or more axles. Bridges, roads, and overpasses usually enforce maximum weight restrictions for vehicles to prevent bridge collapses or damage.

A truck driver must be knowledgeable of the cargo, cargo weight, optimum placement of the load and verification that it is a stable load. They are liable for inspecting the load prior to any trip. Drivers are not required to investigate the load when the load is sealed and the driver is restricted from opening the seal.

Why Overloaded Trucks Cause Accidents in San Antonio

There are a number of reasons why heavier trucks may unwittingly cause accidents.

  • Excess weight can cause tires to burst;
  • Overloaded trucks move exceedingly slow uphill posing a threat to oncoming traffic in a blind corner;
  • Overloaded trucks going downhill travel too rapidly;
  • The downhill impetus can cause strain on the brakes resulting in brake failure;
  • Excess weight creates lengthier stopping distance;
  • Overloading elevates the center of gravity, making the truck more susceptible to a rollover; and,
  • Overloading can alter the weight to the back of the truck, reducing weight off of the front tires creating steering complications which are comparable to driving on ice.

Cargo weight cases are very complex because of the intricate details involved. Contact a skilled San Antonio injury attorney with the capability and precision you need to recover damages for your losses. We accept motor vehicle accident cases on a contingency fee basis which means there is no fee unless we obtain a settlement or verdict in your favor.

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