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Serious dog attacks are terrible things. The brutality of vicious dogs cannot be denied and as a result of careless owners, many people are mauled incurring serious, sometimes life threating injuries. If you or a loved one is the victim of a dog attack, call on our law firm. We’ve successfully handled dog bite cases for our clients. Those who suffer a dog attack typically suffer terrible injuries such as permanent scarring and even amputation.

In Texas, it is very likely that a dog bite victim can sue the owner of the dog that mauled them. And, people fail to realize that most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover dog bite claims. Therefore, it is important that you contact the personal injury lawyers at The Aguirre Law Firm. Our goal is to maximize your recovery.

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Texas recently added teeth to the criminal penalties faced by careless owners of dangerous dogs. Pet owners may face felony charges if their dogs seriously injure or kill someone and could go to prison. Specifically, the owner of a dangerous dog will face misdemeanor charges if the animal injures someone. If the dog, however, causes death or injury requiring hospitalization, the same owner can be charged with a felony and face prison time.

Texas has one of the toughest dog bite laws in the nation.

It is strongly advised to consult with an attorney if you or someone you know has been attacked by a dog. Dealing with an insurance company directly can severely undermine your final recovery. Not only should the negligent dog owner pay for medical bills, but they should also pay for any lost wages, impairment, the pain and suffering endured and the permanent scarring. Too many times, negligent dog owners and their insurance company get away with only paying medical bills when they should pay so much more. We can help you hold them accountable.

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