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Posted By Aguirre Law | November 21 2023 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Should I Apologize After a Car Accident?

Apologizing after a car accident may seem natural. However, even an “I’m sorry” to express sympathy to another injury victim may be misconstrued as an admission of guilt. There are various reasons why “I’m sorry” is the wrong thing to say after a car accident. These will be discussed in the following article along with…

Posted By Aguirre Law | November 16 2023 | Firm News

What Evidence Do You Need After a San Antonio Car Accident?

You must back up any claim for car accident compensation with proof of accident-related injuries. The more evidence you can provide to support your injury claim, the better your chances will be of receiving the maximum damage amounts to which you are entitled. Evidence Collection Begins at the Scene of the Accident The evidence collection…

Posted By Aguirre Law | November 13 2023 | Firm News

How Insurance Companies Investigate Car Accidents

Insurance companies may vary in their practices. However, every car accident investigation begins with the reporting of an accident and the submission of a claim After the submission of an accident claim, an adjuster for the insurance company will begin an investigation to verify the accuracy of the claim. The depths that an adjuster will…

Posted By Aguirre Law | November 7 2023 | Firm News

What Not to Say After a Car Accident

Car accidents are traumatic. You may feel confused, dazed, and at a loss for words. You can take comfort in knowing that saying very little is to your benefit Read the following to find out what not to say after a car accident. If you are concerned about an admission you made after a car…

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