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How Insurance Companies Investigate Car Accidents

Posted By Aguirre Law | November 13 2023 | Firm News

Insurance companies may vary in their practices. However, every car accident investigation begins with the reporting of an accident and the submission of a claim

After the submission of an accident claim, an adjuster for the insurance company will begin an investigation to verify the accuracy of the claim. The depths that an adjuster will go to in investigating a claim depends on the complexity of the case and the potential payout

Read the following to learn the next steps in investigating car accidents. If you were injured in a car accident and need specific case information, speak with an experienced San Antonio personal injury attorney.

The Car Accident Investigation Process 

The Accident Statement

After submitting a car accident claim, an insurance adjuster will ask the accident victim for an accident statement. The adjuster may ask for a recorded statement

Note: It is never a good idea to give a recorded statement. Seek the advice of a car accident attorney before giving a statement as anything you say can be used against you at a later date.

An attorney can work directly with the insurance company to ensure you do not fall victim to common tactics adjusters use to deny or reduce accident claims.

Eyewitness and Passenger Interviews

The insurance adjuster will interview any eyewitnesses to the accident and vehicle passengers. The adjuster will ask them to clarify or verify information on the police report.

The adjuster will also want to know if eyewitness and passenger stories are the same as the claimant’s.

Review of the Accident Scene

When necessary, the insurance adjuster will visit the accident scene. This may help the adjuster get a better sense of how the accident occurred.

Vehicle Inspection

The insurance adjuster will inspect any vehicles involved in the accident. They will need to ascertain what vehicle damage was caused by the accident versus any previous damage.

The adjuster may have a preferred body shop for repairs. Or, the accident victim may choose their own after submitting a few quotes.

Medical Expenses

Accident victims will need to submit their medical expenses to the insurance adjuster to be compensated for accident-related injuries. If an insurance company asks for an independent medical examination, that is with an insurance company doctor and not truly “independent.”

Questions about the nature and extent of accident injuries should be addressed by a car accident attorney.

Additional Information Insurance Companies Review:

A great deal of information is generated from a car accident, and any of it may be used by insurance companies when making claim decisions

This information may include but is not limited to

  • Admissions of fault or apologies at the accident scene;
  • Cell phone records from the time of the accident;
  • Data from vehicle GPS;
  • Social media posts; and
  • Background checks.

Find out more about the types of information used by insurance company adjusters when making claims decisions by contacting a San Antonio car accident attorney today.

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