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What Not to Say After a Car Accident

Posted By Aguirre Law | November 7 2023 | Firm News

Car accidents are traumatic. You may feel confused, dazed, and at a loss for words. You can take comfort in knowing that saying very little is to your benefit

Read the following to find out what not to say after a car accident. If you are concerned about an admission you made after a car accident or need advice about your injury claim, contact an experienced San Antonio car accident attorney.

Do Not Admit Fault 

One of the most important things not to say after a car accident is “I’m sorry.” This is used as an admission of guilt by insurance companies

An insurance adjuster will attempt to deny or lessen your claim’s payout if you say “I’m sorry” or any of the following:

  • “I didn’t see you”;
  • “I wasn’t paying attention”;
  • “I was on the phone”; or
  • “I don’t have my glasses on.”

An accident investigation will determine fault for the collision. Wait until all of the evidence is reviewed.

Do Not Offer or Accept an Offer to Handle the Accident Outside of Insurance

If you handle your collision costs outside of insurance coverage, you forfeit the right damages and injury coverage.

Do Not Say You Are Not Hurt

Some of the worst car accident injuries are not apparent to the naked eye. Traumatic brain injuries can appear days or even weeks after an accident.

You can cause accident-related injuries to go untreated and worsen by neglecting to receive medical care immediately after a crash. You can also risk losing compensation for your injuries by claiming you were not hurt in the accident.

Do Not Offer Opinions or Speculate

When you give a statement to the police or an insurance adjuster, do not offer an opinion, self-diagnose a medical problem, or speculate. Stick to the facts.

There are accident investigators to review the crash scene and medical doctors to diagnose and treat your injuries. Leave these details to the professionals.

Speculation and opinions can cause serious problems in any compensation claim.

Do Not Say Anything on Social Media

Do not say anything about your car accident on social media. Do not post pictures of your vehicle or your injuries. Do not post pictures of yourself or talk about your activities, period.

Insurance companies are known to monitor social media accounts to help defend themselves against injury claims.

Do Not Say You Do Not Have an Attorney

Do not tell the insurance company you are not working with an attorney. Tell them you are considering counsel.

Insurance companies will fight to settle a car insurance claim at the lowest amount possible or deny a claim when possible. They are for-profit companies, and that is part of their job.

Having strong legal representation can protect you from common insurance company tactics and being taken advantage of by an adjuster.

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