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Posted By Aguirre Law | September 28 2023 | Personal Injury

Legal Considerations for a Child Suffering a Burn Injury

Children are prone to burn injuries, especially scalding from hot water and other liquids. More than 250,000 children seek medical attention each year as a result of burn injuries and over 1,000 children die each year due to burns.  If your child suffered burn injuries because of someone else’s negligence, you may be able to…

Posted By Aguirre Law | September 26 2023 | Personal Injury

Immediate Steps To Take Following A Burn Injury

If you or your child suffer a burn injury, the first step to take is always to treat the burn. Burn injuries cause a break in the skin and can become infected if they are not properly addressed. The degree of a burn determines its treatment and whether or not you need to seek outside…

Posted By Aguirre Law | September 25 2023 | Personal Injury

How to Properly Treat a Burn Injury

While all burns are a type of tissue damage, their treatment can vary. Burns range from minor medical issues to life-threatening situations requiring emergency care. Burn injury treatment depends on the severity of the burn and the location of the burn on the body. The following is a guide to properly treat a burn injury….

Posted By Aguirre Law | August 22 2023 | Personal Injury

Recovery Strategies For a Concussion

Concussion sufferers who are screened for brain injuries and receive follow-up care can avoid serious long-term health consequences. Follow-up care plans for concussion victims include basic recovery strategies that allow the brain to heal before resuming its daily activities. The following article outlines recovery strategies for a concussion but is by no means a substitute…

Posted By Aguirre Law | August 21 2023 | Personal Injury

Brain Injury and Negligence Claims: Proving a Duty of Care and Breach

While most victims of mild brain injuries can make a complete recovery, some suffer from ongoing complications. Serious brain injuries can cause total disability, lead to devastating disease, and even end in death. If you or your loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury through no fault of your own, you may be eligible to…

Posted By Aguirre Law | August 20 2023 | Personal Injury

Damages in San Antonio Brain Injury Lawsuits

Traumatic brain injuries cost victims and their families exponentially. Just as every brain injury victim is unique, so is the physical, mental, emotional, and financial impact on their life.  If you or your loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury, you may be entitled to compensation through a Texas personal injury claim. The following outlines…

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