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5 Common Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Devalue Car Accident Claims

Posted By Aguirre Law | December 5 2023 | Car Accidents, Firm News, Personal Injury

Insurance companies are businesses. Given the opportunity to save money, they will.

Survival for insurance companies is purely mathematical. They must expend less money on accident claims than they collect in insurance premiums.

Whenever possible, insurance companies will deny unsubstantiated accident claims. When denial is not an option, they will use strategies to devalue claims to reduce accident payouts.

The following highlights five common tactics insurance companies use to devalue car accident claims. If you are having difficulties with an insurance company or facing an upcoming claim, an experienced car accident attorney can help.

Call a car accident attorney in your area for valuable advice about how to speak with an insurance adjuster and to get an estimate of your claim’s value.

Tactic #1: Calling You Right After Your Accident

Insurance companies will call you right after your accident. They may contact you the same or the next day following a crash.

This is done for several reasons. Insurance adjusters want to get a recorded statement while your mind is foggy and before you have:

  • An opportunity to consult an attorney;
  • A complete medical assessment; and
  • An idea of your total damages.

Any information you provide the insurance adjuster will be used against you when it comes time to settle or litigate your claim. Let the insurance adjuster know you will return their call after speaking with a San Antonio personal injury attorney.

Tactic #2: Asking You to Sign a Blanket Medical Release

Never sign a blanket medical release on behalf of the insurance company. A blanket medical release allows the insurance company to obtain all your medical records, including those unrelated to the car accident.

Insurance companies use your unrelated medical records to search for pre-existing conditions to blame for your car accident-related injuries

Tactic #3: Presenting You with an Early Settlement Offer

Insurance adjusters want you to take an early settlement offer. It saves them time and money. It is also tempting to take an early settlement offer as an accident victim.

However, you need to know the total amount of your damages and the extent of your physical injuries before you settle your claim. Upon settlement, there is a full release of liability.

This means you cannot demand further compensation from the insurance company if you were wrong about your total losses.

Tactic #4: Using Delay Tactics

Insurance companies realize car accident victims are under financial strain and other stress. They use this to their advantage in settling claims.

Delays in processing claims can make you willing to settle for less money than you rightfully deserve for your injuries. Having a San Antonio car accident attorney on your side can ensure your claim is not subjected to unnecessary delays.

Tactic #5: Other Bad Faith Tactics

Along with delay tactics, there are several other bad faith tactics insurance companies employ to devalue car accident claims

These are:

  • Claim denial;
  • Failure to conduct an investigation;
  • Failure to pay a valid claim;
  • Shifting blame to an innocent victim;
  • Misrepresenting the policyholder’s insurance coverage; 
  • Disputing medical treatment; and
  • Discouraging the use of an attorney.

Do not risk being taken advantage of by an insurance adjuster. Seek legal advice at the beginning of your car accident claim.

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