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Dealing With Emotional Trauma After A Catastrophic Injury

Posted By Aguirre Law | October 23 2023 | Personal Injury

Catastrophic injuries are multi-faceted and impact every area of accident victims’ lives. Emotional trauma may be overlooked in the aftermath of a catastrophic injury due to the focus on physical pain and healing. However, addressing emotional trauma is a vital part of an accident victim’s recovery process.

The following is a guide to dealing with emotional trauma after a catastrophic injury. This is no substitute for medical advice from a medical doctor or trauma therapist.

If you or a loved one suffered catastrophic injuries due to someone else’s negligence, a San Antonio catastrophic injury attorney can review your situation for legal avenues to pay for expenses. These may include mental and emotional health therapy, medical bills, rehabilitation, and other accident-related needs.

What is Emotional Trauma?

Emotional trauma is a feeling of being unsafe or helpless. It may be the result of physical injury or harm from an accident or an assault.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Emotional Trauma?

The signs and symptoms of emotional trauma may include cognitive changes, altered behavioral patterns, psychological concerns, or physical problems.

These may manifest as:

  • Intrusive thoughts or nightmares;
  • Flashbacks;
  • Confusions;
  • Avoiding people and places;
  • Withdrawal from others;
  • Detachment;
  • Depression;
  • Anxiety;
  • Problems sleeping;
  • Changes in eating; and
  • Exhaustion.

It is vital to seek professional help at the onset of any of the above signs or symptoms. A family doctor is an excellent source for information and assistance.

Dealing with Emotional Trauma After a Catastrophic Injury

The first and most important tip for dealing with emotional trauma after a catastrophic injury is to ask for help. Reach out to friends, family, and doctors. Join a support group. Above all, avoid isolation and the detrimental effects of solitude.

In addition to asking for help, work to do the following:

  • Maintain a daily routine;
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol;
  • Stay active;
  • Set achievable goals and celebrate milestones;
  • Adapt to changes and move forward;
  • Identify, develop, and practice healthy coping strategies;
  • Eat a healthy diet;
  • Get plenty of sleep.

Practice patience and forgiveness with yourself. Catastrophic injuries take time to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally.

It is understandable to be overwhelmed. Processing the trauma of catastrophic injuries is a process. Focus on one day at a time. 

If someone else caused your injuries and you have concerns about meeting financial obligations, speak with an experienced catastrophic injury attorney. You may qualify for compensation to cover your expenses.

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