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Questions to Ask a San Antonio Personal Injury Attorney During Your Initial Consultation

Posted By Aguirre Law | May 22 2023 | Personal Injury

Your initial consultation with a personal injury attorney is an interview. You are meeting with a legal professional in the hopes of finding someone you would like to work with to build a successful personal injury case.

A lot of thought and preparation should go into interviewing a potential attorney. Personal injuries involve your current and future health and your financial stability. 

Questions to Ask a San Antonio Personal Injury Attorney

You may speak with several attorneys before making your final selection. The following questions may help to guide your decision:

How Do You Charge for Your Services?

Most personal injury attorneys take cases on a contingency fee basis meaning you only pay when money is recovered on your behalf. There are no upfront legal fees.

Instead, your attorney will earn a percentage of the final monetary award. Always ask what percentage the attorney charges, and if going to trial affects this amount.

How Long Have You Practiced Personal Injury Law?

Make sure the attorney primarily practices personal injury law. You do not want a family lawyer or bankruptcy lawyer pursuing your personal injury case.

Ask how long the attorney has practiced personal injury law and find out their success rate. 

Have You Handled Similar Cases in the Past?

An experienced personal injury attorney should be able to discuss similar cases they have handled in the past and the results from those cases. Find out if the attorney has trial experience in the event your case goes to court.

What Problems Do You See With My Case?

Every personal injury case has weaknesses. Ask the attorney to identify the problems in your case. 

An experienced attorney will be able to discuss these honestly and suggest solutions.

How Do You Communicate With Clients/How Will I Receive Case Updates?

Communication can make or break an attorney-client relationship. Find out who will take your calls and return them. Ask whether the attorney is available directly by phone, text, or email. If so, what hours?

Do case updates come out weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly? What are your communication expectations and can the attorney and their staff meet those?  

Can I Speak To A Previous Client?

A successful personal injury attorney with satisfied previous clients should be happy to put you in contact with one or two of them. 

What is Expected of Me as a Client?

Ask what the attorney expects of you as a client. Some attorney-client relationships involve frequent interaction and attendance by clients at depositions and other meetings. Other relationships are hands-off with regular legal updates by email or another preferred method of communication. 

No matter the attorney-client relationship style, keep in mind you will be working with this person through a challenging life experience. Choose someone you feel comfortable with and find easy to be around.

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