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How Long Does It Take to Settle a San Antonio Personal Injury Case?

Posted By Aguirre Law | May 22 2023 | Personal Injury

Personal injury cases are more complicated than they may seem. Several parties must work together to resolve a case causing delays and disagreements. Personal injury attorneys constantly battle to ensure their clients are treated fairly and receive the compensation needed to cover their total accident-related losses.

While accident victims would like this process done quickly, rushing through a settlement could end up costing them in the long run. 

Why Do Personal Injury Cases Take So Long to Settle?

No two personal injury cases are the same. Each has its own set of circumstances and damages. That is why the average time to settle a personal injury claim can vary from six months to three years.

Several factors account for the time it takes to settle a personal injury case. These may include:

  • Factual disputes about the accident;
  • Disagreements over a fair compensation amount;
  • The severity of the victim’s injuries;
  • The victim’s prognosis for recovery;
  • Whether the victim is permanently disabled;
  • The total cost of a victim’s medical expenses;
  • If there will be ongoing medical expenses;
  • Whether there are multiple parties involved;
  • Whether the victim suffered wrongful death;
  • Eyewitness availability; and
  • The victim’s willingness to settle.

For example, a simple car accident case with minor injuries could settle in as little as six months. However, an 18 wheeler accident in San Antonio with serious, life-altering injuries and multi-party liability could take as long as three years to resolve. In the most severe accidents, your loved one may succumb to their injuries. If you have lost a loved one in an accident, contact our San Antonio wrongful death attorneys to learn about your legal options, as wrongful death claims differ from your average personal injury claim.

Why Not Accept an Early Settlement Offer?

Insurance companies may attempt to settle a personal injury case early or before an accident victim completes their medical treatment. Settling a personal injury case prior to a full medical release is a mistake.

Once a settlement agreement is signed, an accident victim cannot make any additional accident-related claims. They signed away their right to do so and must pay for overages out-of-pocket.

What is Maximum Medical Improvement?

Settlement negotiations typically begin when an accident victim reaches maximum medical improvement or MMI. This is the point where medical treatments have been exhausted, or an accident victim reaches their treatment plateau. 

Once a victim is at MMI, their attorney will collect all of the medical records and billings. Then, the victim’s attorney will work with experts to calculate the victim’s total medical losses to date and estimate any future accident-related medical needs.

There are Deadlines to File a San Antonio Personal Injury Case

Regardless of the time spent in settlement negotiations, a personal injury case must be filed on-time. With few exceptions, Texas personal injury lawsuits have a two-year statute of limitations or filing deadline. 

Accident victims who neglect their case’s statute of limitations permanently lose the right to recover compensation for their losses. 

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