Oilfield Accidents in San Antonio

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At The Aguirre Law Firm, PLLC, we are dedicated to fighting for our clients’ rights to compensation. Oilfield accidents can result in serious injuries that require expensive medical treatments and time off work. It is important to get legal assistance right away, and our San Antonio workinjury lawyers have years of experience helping clients seek compensation. We can help you file a claim and represent you against insurance companies in disputed cases. For quality legal assistance, contact us today.

What You Should Know About Oilfield Accidents

Texas is the leading state for crude oil production, accounting for nearly 30% of the refining capacity for the United States. In 2016, more than 70 medical incidents were reported, and 3 fatalities occurred. Oilfield accidents can lead to injuries such as brain trauma, broken bones, serious burns, and spinal cord injuries. Whether you are a driller, operator, maintenance technician, or other employee, it is important to seek compensation after an accident.

Common causes of oilfield accidents include:

  • Drilling operation blowouts
  • Toxic chemical leaks
  • Gas leak explosions
  • Equipment malfunctions

Whatever your situation, our San Antonio oilfield accident lawyers can provide legal advice and representation. If you are injured in an oilfield accident, you should document the incident by taking pictures, talking to fellow employees or other witnesses, and writing down as much as you know. Even if insurance companies try to dispute your claim, you can have evidence to back up your argument in court.

Passionate Representation to Help You Seek Compensation

If you have been injured in an oilfield accident, it is important to file a claim as soon as possible. The Aguirre Law Firm, PLLC can represent you to insurance companies and help you make informed decisions about your case. Whether your claim is settled in a Benefit Review Conference or goes to court for judicial review, our San Antonio work injury attorneys can stand by your side. We know each situation is different, and we can analyze the details of your case to determine a course of action that helps meet your needs.

If you have been injured in an oilfield accident, contact our firm today for a free consultation.

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