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Employees often fear to report discrimination or to file a workers’ compensation claim because they may receive some kind of retaliation from their employer. Retaliation is a reality in today’s workplace. But what many employees do not realize is that retaliation is 100% illegal. The law protects individuals from termination, denial of promotion, coercion, intimidation, threat, harassment, or interference in their exercise of their own rights or their encouragement of someone else's exercise of rights.

According to the EEOC:

“An employer may not fire, demote, harass or otherwise "retaliate" against an individual for filing a charge of discrimination, participating in a discrimination proceeding, or otherwise opposing discrimination. The same laws that prohibit discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, and disability, as well as wage differences between men and women performing substantially equal work, also prohibit retaliation against individuals who oppose unlawful discrimination or participate in an employment discrimination proceeding.”

Two Main Reasons of Retaliation

There are many reasons that an employer may retaliate against an employee. If you are a victim of retaliation, contact an employment lawyer for a consultation and get advice. The two main reasons that our law firm has seen employers retaliate against their employees is:

  • Discrimination Claims; and
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims


Texas state law has strict deadlines for filing a discrimination claim or retaliation claim. Do not delay. If you or someone you know is a victim of retaliation (or workplace discrimination), contact a qualified employment attorney today. The Aguirre Law Firm, PLLC in San Antonio will visit you with complete confidentiality and will advise you about your rights for no charge. If you choose our law firm to represent you in a discrimination or retaliation case, we will not charge you a fee unless we obtain a favorable judgment or settlement in your case.

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